ruhrmobil-E e.V.

Ruhrmobil-E is a collaboration of entrepreneurs who promote innovative and sustainable mobility. The forefront is on developing electric mobility and connected driving in the Ruhr region.


By serving as a network for electric mobility, ruhrmobil-E fosters sustainable mobility through various initiatives, including regular meetings with member companies, informative seminars, behind-the-scenes discussions, and a comprehensive media presence.

B2B & B2C

By concentrating on the end-user perspective of electric mobility, our organization provides guidance and support during the transition to this innovative technology. Additionally, we have formed strong partnerships with prominent industrial players and leading corporations that serve as tier developers, shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Automotive Solutions

Our Engineering Center serves as a hub where companies converge to coalesce efforts towards shaping the future of digital and electric mobility. This collaborative environment encompasses a range of key focus areas, including battery testing, electric powertrain development, and automotive cybersecurity.

Our vision:

Electric mobility is more than just replacing the internal combustion engine for us. Electric mobility ranges from e-bikes to e-cars and public transportation. This mobility should be powered by renewable energy and form part of a comprehensive mobility concept. To connect our activities, we founded the non-profit association ruhrmobil-E e.V. in 2010.

Our membership structure is diverse: economy, educational institutions, trade unions, politics, private individuals. We are an open network, which means you don't need to be a member to participate in our meetings and projects. Of course, we'd love your support and new members.


Bochum's Solarcar

The University of Applied Sciences Bochum has been developing electric solar racing cars for over 30 years, among other things. This engagement has led to numerous company foundations and an Electric Mobility Campus in Bochum.


Automotive Solutions

The activities of companies, science, and intermediaries in implementing new innovations for mobility have led to a focus on Automotive Solutions in Bochum. The companies at this location include various major Tier-Suppliers, one OEM, and one Silicon Valley company. The key focuses are:

  • Electric Vehicle Technology and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

  • Automotive Cybersecurity

  • Connectivity & In-Vehicle-Infotainment


The annual Electric Mobility Day will take place in the Bochum city center on September 14th, 2024. Explore new vehicle models and learn about electric mobility. The event offers a program for the whole family:

On September 23rd, we are guests at the startup called vGreens in Essen, to gain insight into the theme of Vertical Farming, followed by a 'Strawberry Tasting'.

For our annual general meeting on November 25th, we are guests at the Bochum waste management company USB and will receive exclusive insights into electric utility vehicles.

Please feel free to sign up for our events here. We look forward to your visit:

Past Events

Network Meet-Up 2024 at Voltavision GmbH

Past Events

Networking 2024 at Keysight Technologies Inc.